About Us

When choosing a financial planning and credit consulting team, individuals, businesses, foundations and associations share a common need: Expert guidance that helps them reach financial goals.

At iCreditGeek, we have spent over 3 years building a team dedicated to taking a conservative and ethical approach to growing and protecting our clients’ wealth and prosperity. Since our inception in 2015, we have provided financial services on a fee-only basis, acting as a fiduciary for our clients. Each member of our team fully embraces the importance of this role and what it means for our clients. We bring planning excellence, investment discipline and personal service to everything we do.

Though every client is different, there is a common theme they come to us when they are in need of support and coordination of various facets of their financial lives.

Whether issues relate to credit debt, wage garnishment, divorce or job loss, we strive not only to protect clients’ needs, but to provide guidance and education, as well as a sense of control and ownership of the decisions they make.
Though wide ranging in background and ages, our clients are primarily struggling individuals looking to make a change in their financial life and accomplish their wealth through business ownership, strong saving habits and credit debt relief.
Clients may be risk takers in their businesses, but tend to be moderate to conservative risk investors. They are looking to us as consultants who can bridge the gap between their work lives, existing personal investment and retirement assets, and their future cash flow, retirement and estate needs.

In all cases, we collaborate with professionals or specialists, and recommend a step by step plan for our clients. We take a positive, proactive and consultative approach to understanding the needs and desires of each individual client or family. Our goal is to anticipate obstacles and identify opportunities for our clients so that they have time to incorporate changes that create their best possible future.  

​Take Control of Your Credit and Your Life!
Why Choose iCreditGeek Credit Consulting?

At iCreditGeek, it’s all about helping you improve your credit scores and making your life less stressful and more financially rewarding.

These goals are realized when we help you build positive credit. And also eliminate negative inaccurate files on your credit reports.

Most lenders and insurance companies use your credit scores. This is to place you in credit ranges to establish how much money you will pay for their products. Higher credit scores turn into higher credit ranges that turn into substantial savings.

More specifically, higher credit ranges enable you to qualify for lower interest rates when you purchase a home and buy or lease an automobile. These higher scores should also translate into lower interest rates on credit cards and installment loans.

In addition, most insurance products (auto, home, health, life, business) are risk based. The higher your credit scores, the lower risk you are to insurance companies. Thus, you should pay lower premiums.

Whether your credit is poor, fair, good or very good, there is always room for improvement and the ability to save substantial money.

Our Customers

  1. "CreditGeek really helped me, I was struggling with bad credit and student loans debt, they offered a free consultaton and helped connect me with companies that did exactly what they said the would! Thank you iCreditGeek!"
    Mili Perez
  2. "If you or someone you know needs an Excellent company to help you straighten out your credit, I recommend iCreditGeek Credit Consulting. They are the #1 company in their field they definitely gets the job done and Always have your Best interest at heart."
    Nate Rodgers
  3. "I've been running a tech support business for a long time, and never was able to receive a decent loan. With icreditgeeks help...We got it done. Thanks guys!"
    J. Thomas